Managing Performance

If an employee’s behaviour is a workplace problem, talk to them privately in the context of their workplace performance. This may help you determine whether mental health is a factor.

Here are some suggestions for managing a performance-related issue with a staff member, such as lateness, disrespectful behaviour towards patients/colleagues, or errors.

  • Meet with the staff member and give examples of the behaviours that you have observed.

  • Ask them if there is a medical condition contributing to the behaviours that you have noticed. Let the staff member know that you do not need the details of their medical condition but that they need to contact an OHA. 

  • If there is a medical condition and the staff member is uncomfortable contacting OHA, offer to contact them on the staff members behalf. Let OHA know you have a staff member who is struggling and have someone from OHA contact them. 

  • Set clear expectations for performance.

  • Ask them how you can support them in meeting the expectations.

  • If you are unsure how to handle a performance issue, contact your HR/LR advisor.

Addressing performance issues with a staff member can be uncomfortable and even stressful, particularly when the staff member is experiencing emotional distress. The following information and videos provide additional information on managing performance as well as examples of conversations with a staff member who is experiencing a mental health issue. The conversations focus on helping the staff member stay productive at work and maintain their sense of value and competence:


Last updated Tue, Mar 29, 2022