Too important to ignore

The Canadian Mental Health Association estimates that one in five Canadians will develop a mental illness at some point in their life, which means that those of us who have not personally experienced a mental illness likely know a friend, colleague, or family member living with one. 

Mental health is more than the absence of mental illness. It’s a state of well-being.

Good mental health isn’t about avoiding problems or trying to achieve a ‘perfect’ life. It's about living well and feeling capable, despite challenges. 

How does workplace mental health and wellness benefit our staff?

Mentally well individuals are more resilient, able to bounce back from setbacks, emotionally demanding situations, and psychological stressors. They are also better able to sustain their sense of meaning, purpose, and value in connection to their personal and work lives.

Organizations that focus on mental health and wellness are likely to have staff that have:

  • Increased awareness and knowledge of ways to improve their health.
  • Increased protection from injury.
  • Improved health and well-being.
  • An enhanced ability to manage stress in the workplace.
  • Higher morale and greater job satisfaction.
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness at work.
  • Reduced personal health care costs.

How does workplace mental health and wellness benefit PHC?

Our mental well-being requires maintenance, much like our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. When left unchecked, our mental health can wane, putting us out of balance and diminishing our resources to successfully navigate life's ups and downs. This can put us at higher risk for developing issues related to mental health, which can be debilitating to our personal and work life and, potentially, impact the provision of care to our patients and residents. 

A mentally healthy workplace can help an organization to:

  • Attract and keep employees. 
  • Reduce the costs of disability, drugs and absenteeism.
  • Improve morale by creating a happy, supportive environment.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Create a less stressful workplace. 
  • Improve the quality and safety of patient/resident care.

In short: The mental health and wellness of our people is far too important to ignore.


Last updated Fri, Apr 13, 2018