This section contains information and links to resources specifically aimed at helping PHC leaders support their staff.

  • You will find information to help you to recognize when to be concerned about a staff person, when to reach out and how to provide support. 
  • You will also find links to PHC policies that speak to staff wellness and help you understand your role and responsibilities when a staff member may be struggling with a mental health issue.  

The information found in the Leader's "Self-Care" section builds on that found in the staff section and aims to address self-care issues specific to leaders. 

Leaders face unique challenges to their well-being including high levels of stress, numerous demands and increasing (at times competing) responsibilities with dwindling resources. Self-care practices for leaders can result in leaders having more energy, greater productivity, improved work-life balance, and more career satisfaction.

Leaders set the example for self-care among their teams. Attention to your own self-care will keep you vibrant and help to establish self-care as a strong value in our work culture.

If you are looking for information to help you manage sick time in your area, refer to the Sick Time Management toolkit

Last updated Fri, May 6, 2022