Occupational Health Advisors and Human Resources/Labour Relations Advisors

The most important resources supporting staff wellness at PHC are the Occupational Health Advisors (OHA) and Human Resources/ Labour Relations Advisors (HR/LR).

The Occupational Health & Safety Department leads programs and services that support PHC employees to achieve and maintain optimal health. Occupational Health Advisors provide support to staff dealing with any type of medical situation, whether work-related or not, that interferes with their ability to attend work on a regular basis. 

Leaders may contact an OHA directly to discuss a suspected health related issue with a staff member. 

  • The leader must let the staff member know that they are contacting the OHA. 
  • A staff member is not obligated to disclose or discuss a health issue with their leader but if the leader is concerned, the leader may request that the staff person call OHA directly. 

Human Resource/Labour Relations Advisors provide advice and counsel to leaders at all levels of the organization and act as the first point of contact for staff on all human resource needs and matters including:

  • Compensation and classification 
  • Labour relations and related legislation
  • Collective agreement interpretation and administration
  • Organizational policy and procedures
  • Attendance and wellness promotion
  • Displacements and bumping
  • Respect at work

A leader may contact their HR/LR Advisor for assistance when they are supporting a staff member with a performance issue or have concerns about performance or behavior of a staff member. 

When it is suspected that a physical or mental health issue may be at play in the workplace with a staff member, the HR/LR advisor will contact an OHA. The following resources can be accessed from a PHC computer:

List of Human Resources/Labour (HR/LR) Relations Advisors

Occupational Health Advisors (OHA)

Additional information about the Occupational Health and Safety Program at PHC. 


Last updated Thu, Sep 21, 2017