PHC resources

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) 

EFAP offers free, confidential counseling to all eligible employees and family members to deal with a wide range of concerns.  Financial and legal counselling is also available through EFAP. Call 604-872-4929 in the Lower Mainland, toll-free at 1-800-505-4929 or visit their website:

Critical Incident Stress Management 

EFAP provides critical incident stress management services. For work-related critical incidents (e.g., death/suffering of a patient, threatening behaviour, needle stick injury) call 1-800-505-4929 or visit their website:

Occupational Health and Safety

PHC Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) offers programs and services that support PHC employees to achieve and maintain optimal health. OH&S works with all stakeholders to create a healthy workplace that provides a foundation for supporting PHC staff in their mission to provide safe, sustainable quality care to the people we serve. All information shared with OH&S is kept in strict confidence except in situations where there is risk of harm to self or others. 

The OH&S intranet site* offers information about health promotion and the management of illness in the workplace, including links to resources such as:

  • Staying Active
    PHC Staff can enjoy discounts at various gyms and studios. A list of fitness facilities where you can get discounts and specials with your PHC ID is available.

  • Eating Well
    From the OH&S page, you can visit PHC's Clinical Nutrition Services page for cookbooks, a variety of recipes, and information on healthy eating.

Please contact OH&S with any questions you might have regarding the services and supports they offer.

* The OH&S intranet site is only accessible via a PHC computer. 

PHC Mental Health Website

The Providence Health Care Mental Health Website provides information about the range of coordinated emergency, inpatient, outpatient, specialized diagnostic and treatment services and provincial services for people with serious mental illnesses, including those with addictions. You will also find links to information about community-based supports and services for individuals struggling with a mental illness.

The Respect & No Bully Line

This confidential phone line for PHC employees offers:

  • The opportunity to debrief your experience
  • Information and coaching on how to resolve disrespectful conduct
  • Support with filing a formal complaint
  • Transfer to free, confidential counseling and/or specialized coaching

Call 1-844-662-8559 or visit the website


Last updated Thu, Sep 21, 2017